Saturday 5 January 2013


Good morning.  My body clock is readjusting itself and today I woke up as if it was a school day - good and early .  This last week I've been waking nearer to seven or eight, which has been quite nice and has felt like a lie in, but I really do need to get back to normal now so today was good!

I think I have sussed out those crochet squares for the throw now.  Those of you who knit or crochet know that for a time you have to watch every stitch carefully but after a while the various patterns emerge and you just know what comes next.  I'm getting to that point now and it's making it a whole lot easier.
The other thing I'm doing is sewing all the ends in whan I finish a square.  That's going to make it so much easier.

Yesterday was lovely - Mum and Dad, Beth and Alex and me.  It wasn't Christmas but we did  exchange our presents at long last and we had turkey soup (hotpot, as we call it) with croutons, grated cheese and warm batons, followed by Christmas cake.  We hadn't cut the cake, of course, so yesterday it was cut, sampled (delicious, thanks very much Beth, possibly the nicest one you have done) and shared out so everyone went home with some.  Now I just have a few parcels and cards under the tree for Anna and Dave, who couldn;t come yesterday.  The tree itself comes down tomorrow - twelfth night.

Today?  Well, George comes, I'm out for lunch with a friend and then I must work, work, work.  There's planning to do, resources to make, evaluations and assessments to create.  The end  is nigh! 

And now I'm going to crochet a few more squares!

Later edit:
I've not been able to upload photos from my PC or from my laptop over the past few days.  No idea what has happened - the button for uploading from a folder is just not there any more.  So I am having to use Picasa which just adds another layer to the whole process which is a right drag.
Anyway - another from the freezing furry fog day!

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