Friday 4 January 2013


Good morning, everyone.  Isn't it mild at the moment?  One expects chilly nights and mornings but yesterday evening I went our for a meal with a friend (and very pleasant it was too) without my coat and didn't miss it one little bit.  It has to get cold again at some point, surely!

Yesterday was quiet and restful for most of the day.  Things plodded on peacefully and I managed to get through the day without needing a snooze - a big improvement.  Just as well really because I can't see myself being able to have a wee kip come Monday - or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, come to that!

I started making up the squares for this Christmas (oops, sorry, I mean 'holiday') throw I mentioned yesterday and immediately hit a problem - the pattern doesn't quite make sense in places.  I'm sure it is just language in the main (it's an American pattern and some of the statements are probably idiomatic) and I can work round it, but it's a bit complicated in part and so far I have one square that is 'right' and three that look 'not quite right'.  We'll get there!

And now I must get going.  I have visitors due for lunch and the house is not fit to be seen at the moment. 

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