Tuesday 29 January 2013


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  For two weeks now the children have not had their outdoor PE lessons because of the bad weather.  Right now it's wet underfoot but doesn't appear to be raining at all.  So, as I said, fingers crossed.
To coin a phrase:  Rain, rain, go away!  It's our PE day.

I feel for my student.  Yesterday was heavy.  Two observed lessons, teaching non stop all morning and at the beginning of the afternoon.  That's tough when you're so new into the whole thing but she was great.  I can't believe she's more than half way through her block experience now.  We're going to miss her, that's for sure.

As for today, I will be teaching more than I have for a few weeks.  Literacy in the morning and all afternoon. I'm foolishly excited at the thought of spending more time with my littlies!  Three cheers!  It goes with the whole game, I suppose, getting attached to my class.  Every year it's the same and it makes the end of the year rather rough, emotionally, but little children need to know that you like them, need to know that there's a friendship and an emotional attachment there in a way that older children have perhaps rather outgrown.  Today is going to be good!

The school field before playtime last Tuesday.

The school field after playtime last Tuesday.  Spot the difference!!!
(apart from the houses in the background, of course)

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