Saturday 12 January 2013


When I went to bed last night it was very evidently above freezing with not a hint of a frost anywhere.  The temperature must have dropped overnight because at the moment everything is white and sparkling (as far as one can see in the still-nearly-dark) and bitterly cold.  I'm sure yesterday was cold too although it didn't feel so bad on afternoon playground duty, probably because there was no wind, but I'm extremely glad there's no playground duty today!

Yesterday passed in a whirl of meetings and activities.  Good meetings, I think, certainly very friendly ones with positive outcomes.  Lots of stuff achieved, paperwork read and inwardly digested, points for follow up noted, lots of good work done by class with Carly's teaching, pleasing spelling scores for the first ever spelling 'test' (not exactly a test, mind you, more an assessment!) - all in all a very satisfying day.

Today is a day of rest.  Just normal stuff, weekend stuff, gentle, homey stuff.  My student starts her teaching block on Monday so less school work for me over the weekend.  I really cannot complain!  Just one problem - my science lesson is being observed on Monday afternoon and, of course, you know how much I LOVE being observed!  Ho hum!  Never mind, there's two days to prepare thoroughly and I will pop into school and grab the magnets from the cupboard at some point today, just in case anyone decided they need them too!  Can't do an investigation about magnetism without magnets, can we?

As I wandered outside yesterday afternoon for playground duty, just a few minutes ahead of the children, I noticed some interesting growth on the trees so popped back in to get my camera.  Here's one of the results.

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