Thursday 10 January 2013


As I left school yesterday at around six, I found I needed to scrape the car windows.  I knew it was getting chillier but I hadn't realised it was that cold.  And this morning there is a hard frost so I guess the mild weather is ended and winter has finally begun!  Bring it on!

Yesterday morning I didn't have time to deal with the stock from the chicken carcass so I bunged it in the fridge where it set to a soft jelly (lovely)  This morning I have a bit more time so it's now reducing down to make a tasty gravy to go with the chicken slices and pieces I vacupacked and froze.  Food for the future.  There's a nesting and hoarding instinct in many of us, isn't there, that gives us a sense of security when it is satisfied.  The fact that if civilisation did crash, there's likely be no electricity and therefore no freezer and all that food would be ruined makes no difference whatsoever!  It is still a jolly satisfying feeling to have a full freezer!

We had fun in the ICT suite yesterday.  We used a simple program called 2Go where you give instructions and watch the cursor move.  They had a whale of a time creating shapes as requested by a list on the big board - a small, blue, square, a wide green rectangle, a red, blue and green triangle and a staircase!  Good fun and learning as well.

Today is the day nothing happens.  By that, I mean nothing to interrupt the normal timetable.  No PPA, no release time for other reasons, no special visitors, nothing but the normal timetable.  Excellent!

And now I'd better go check that stock.

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