Sunday 20 January 2013

Sunday (a bit later)

(Just in case Beth reads the previous entry this morning)

I changed my mind - I had a peep in the fridge and found that I had some veggy bits that need using up so I opened a tin of mixed beans in sauce and have made a 'Windy Gardener's Pie'  (because of the beans!!) with a cheesy mash topping.  It smells wonderful, should taste great and, if necessary, it will freeze!

And it might be necessary because the snow has now started.  Very small flakes, powdery, but it's quite thick and heavy and settling, of course, after such a cold night. Fortunately, there's no wind, so it's not blizzardy-ish.

So maybe B & A won't be around; I'm not so sure I would want to turn out in what's falling at the moment!

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