Sunday 6 January 2013

Sunday - last day of the holidays

Sad, isn't it?  Please feel free to grieve with me, friends.  A minute's silence would be appropriate, I reckon!


Next term is so short!  I know last term was the longest I can remember, ever, in all my teaching time, being fifteen weeks long, but this coming term is just eleven weeks long.  Six before half term and five after half term.  In a way it's a shame - it's a lovely topic after half term, history based, always very popular with the children, but there you go!  I might just steal a week from before half term to start it off.

I got on with the crochet yesterday, changing the pattern somewhat as I did so.  I worked out how to get rid of a bit that really I didn't like at all so I found myself with nine redundant squares which I sewed 3x3 without any idea of what I'm going to do with the resulting square.  I'll think of something!

It's not  terribly nice outside right now - rather foggy, cold and damp.  I wish proper winter would start!  And talking of starting - I'd better start doing something useful!  Loading the dishwasher, for a start!

Photo:  another from the freezing fog day:

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