Sunday 27 January 2013


Well, that was a painless thaw!  All the snow has completely disappeared, including the deeper stuff on the beds and it's raining hard now.  No chance of ice roads this morning:  Google tells me that the temperature is +10 at the moment.  If that's true, it's a rise of over 10 degrees since this time yesterday morning.  The cold snap is well and truly over and, given that my feeling make absolutely no difference to what really happens, I am OK about admitting that I am sad.  I love the snow and I love the zippy feeling I get from a frosty morning or when the snow falls.  I love the way the ugliest things take on a beauty all their own when covered with frost or snow.  I wish we got more . . . but that's a very selfish wish and what will be, will be!

You're going to laugh - I didn't get to Hobbycraft yesterday.  I was actually simply too lazy to stir my stumps and get going.  So guess what I am doing this morning!

Yesterday I had some fun watching the Celerity Bake Off.  Plenty of giggles and more than a few eeeeks moments as well.  I tried to stay up to watch the Howard Goodall programme about music but kept nodding off.  Eventually I gave up and went to bed, comforted by the knowledge that it will probably be on iPlayer.

And that's it really.  I did not a lot, achieved not a lot and had a jolly good rest.  No complaints from me!!!

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