Tuesday 15 January 2013


Yesterday we had snow.  Quite a lot of it for a couple of hours but it didn't really settle very much and, despite another scattering overnight, the roads seem clear and there's absolutely no excuse for closing the school!  I'm quite pleased really; there's so much to do.

It did look pretty yesterday though.  It started at lunchtime and drifted about lightly until just before afternoon play.  Then it started properly - huge big flake-bundles, some as big as pin pong balls, and lots of them.  If it had been a degree colder it would have settled thickly but it wasn't so it didn't!  By five o'clock-ish it had more or less stopped.  The children were a bit manic and several of us pulled the blinds down after a while (meanies!).

I felt very silly yesterday.  After rushing around getting all my resources ready for the investigatory science lesson for my observation, I was told it wasn't yesterday, it was today!  Doh!!!  Never mind, at least all is in readiness and I won't have to scrabble around today when I get to school!
I did have to rather hurriedly prepare for a lesson I hadn't planned to deliver until later, but, thanks to Google and the various resources one can find through it, I managed to get pictures and information enough to meet the learning objective and it went OK really.  There wasn't time to finish but that's not a problem, we can make time today.

As for today - it's doubtful whether the children will get their outdoor PE this morning, given that the playgrounds will either be icy or puddly and I refuse to have thirty pairs of plimsolls (most probably unnamed) drying around my classroom for the rest of the day.  Recipe for disaster!!  So I can more the afternoon phonic session to the morning and that gives me more time for the science lesson - I was concerned that there was too much planned for the time available.

And when I get home there will be a lovely beef and vegetables in beer casserole waiting for me.  It went into the slow cooker last night and will gently simmer away all day today.  I might add some pulses too, to bulk it out, or some lentils to thicken and flavour the sauce.  Good, heart-warming  flavoursome comfort food, lots of it and healthy too.  Can't be bad, can it?

Remember the photo of the flowering bush I posted yesterday?  It wasn't looking quite so chirpy yesterday!

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