Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Year's Day

Wishing us all a very good 2013 with all that we hope for our friends and loved ones.

I'm too old for 'resolutions'.  Seen it all, watched the DVD, got the T shirt, as the saying goes.  I know what needs to change, to improve, to go.  It doesn't take or require one so-called 'special' day to define them.  So no resolutions!

Yesterday was dull and somewhat boring.  I woke still feeling rough and stayed that way all through.  I'd been intending to trawl around Hobbycraft, working out how I could spend my vouchers but didn't feel up to that.  I slept in the morning, three times in the afternoon, twice in the evening and then had a good sleep all through the night too.  Must have needed it!  And now, with all that sleeping, I have a sore back, but a few paracetamols will sort that one out good and proper.
They say sleep is a good healer so I ought to wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better.

Today, if I can subdue this backache, I want to give the kitchen a good sort out before starting on the living room.  Everywhere's an awful mess as I haven't done all that much since before Christmas.  I think I'll feel a lot better once everywhere is tidy!  I can rest in-between if needed.
A few decorations are staying up though.  I'm rather traditional and like to take them down on Twelfth Night, which is Sunday.  I'll take some down today, the ones that are looking a bit messy, but the tree, the candles and a few other bits and bobs can stay up until then.

Right, better get started.  Pop the pills and unload/reload the dishwasher.  Have a pleasant day!

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