Friday 18 January 2013


. . . and it remains exceedingly cold with snow warnings scattered about like crumbs for the birds.  There's still a lot of doubt regarding how much any area will get around here so we must just wait and see.  What is sure is that unless it starts blizzarding madly right NOW, it's not going to be a snow day.  And the chances of that happening are rather less than minimal!
Over Wednesday night I was a bit chilly in bed so last night I added a throw to the mix and was toasty warm.  Amazing what one extra cover can do, isn't it?  I'm trying very hard not to turn up the heating so covers are the way to go.

It was nice to be with my class yesterday, all day.  I miss them - if that sounds soppy, sorry, but I do - when I have time out of class.  Today is SEN day with rather a lot of paperwork to deal with so I shall be kept busy.

Tonight is supposed to be Chinese and Chat but with people dropping out because of uncertainties about the weather I am not sure it will go ahead.  Usually I order the food on Thursday but this time I am waiting.  I guess if it starts snowing I will reschedule it.  Again!

Time alone will tell!  And to all my readers - stay warm and stay safe as much as ever you can.

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