Wednesday 16 January 2013


Well, the science observation is done, dusted and behind me now, a great relief all round.  I had a few panicky moments as one of my littlies decided that he knew it all (which he did - some anyway) and proceeded to try to drive a coach and horses through my planning by telling everyone all about magnetism.  I managed to shut him up, thank goodness, but made good use of his understanding and misconceptions through the lesson.  A pleasing outcome, a grade I cannot be disappointed with and the knowledge that the children learned stuff.
I had to laugh afterwards though.  At the start of the lesson I turned my hearing aids up so I could hear the responses properly.  When I sent them back to do the practical testing part I forgot to turn them down and wondered why the class was being so unexpectedly loud.  It wasn't until the lesson was over that I remembered . . .

I also observed a lesson given by one of my team and that was good too, very enjoyable.

It was extremely cold all day, wasn't it?  Today looks like being even worse with temperatures staying below zero all day.  At the moment it's also foggy so driving conditions will be bad and pavements will be icy.  Take care, everyone!

It's a different day today - PPA until play, then my student leads ICT.  This afternoon I am in class for 45 minutes and then I'm off for a mentor meeting with aforementioned student until the end of the day.  It feels  very odd indeed and I will probably be worn out this evening as a result.  Changes of routine have that effect, don't they?

Better go and have my bath and get dressed.  Don't want to be late to school; there's several things that need doing there and the sooner I arrive, the sooner I can start.

Photo:  another taken in the snow on Monday.  So pretty.

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