Tuesday 9 May 2023

Tuesday, 09-05-23

Morning, everyone.  The rain seems to have landed although it is dry right now and the predicted downpour yesterday didn't materialise, just a very few moments of drizzle.  I guess some other unfortunate polace got it instead.  Today looks a right mixture of sunshine, rain and thundery stuff.

Still no Lucy, but we managed to celebrate Alex's 25th birthday anyway.  A few friend came round and after lunch we all went out leaflet dropping.
Apart from that, not much happened and I was desperately tired come the evening - no idea why, I just was - and after fighting sleep and losing the battle, I gave up, went to bed around eight and almost slept the clock round so I must have needed it.

There's two things in today's diary.  I am off to Groove this week after missing it last week because of Ray coming to do the house stuff.  The ankle seems fine but I will wear a support, just to be on the safe side.
Then, later on, I am having the smart meter fitted after which I will be on variable debit payments for my electricity which makes a lot more sense now I have solar panels and am using very little grid power.

That's about it.  Between times there's housework and, if I change the sheets today, there will be some washing.  If tomorrow was forecast to be nicer, I'd leave it till then but it isn't so - I'll see how I feel!!
How about you?  Anything exciting happening today?  xx


  1. We have a lovely sunny day today - unexpected too so I have just put the sheets in to wash now.x

    1. The sun has just gone in but I'm going to do the sheets anyway and keep my fingers crossed. :-) xx