Saturday 13 May 2023

Saturday, 13-05-23

Good morning, everyone.  At last, the rain we should have had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday caught up with us and it was a pretty soffy, damp morning.  Cold too.  All day there was quite a strong wind and it really felt cold.  I turned my thermostat down so that it didn't click on (being all sensible and frugal).

So I didn't do any gardening apart from talking encouragingly to my little tomatoes and cucumber plants (which are still looking good and strong, thankfully) and we're nowhere close to a frost.  It just feels chilly and I wish my fingers would warm up a bit.

hat I did do was take a trawl through the Lodge coach site and booked another day trip.  This one isn't until November but the Christmas tri[ps do get booked solid pretty quickly.  There was one for Bury St EDmunds but it's not hosting a Christmas Market this year so I left that one.
The one I've booked is called Simply Christmas and the blurb says:

The Creative Craft Show is back this November! The Creative Craft Show is a haven for knitting, cross stitch, paper crafting, jewellery & dressmaking and stitching enthusiasts, offering all the latest supplies as well as festive ideas and inspiration. You'll find everything from kits, charts and patterns to fabrics, yarns, threads, and buttons. You'll find plenty of opportunities to gain advice from industry experts, as well as network with likeminded crafters. Tickets to the show will also allow you access to the sister shows, Simply Christmas, Cake International AND the all-new Bake International - 4 shows for the price of 1!

It's at the NEC, Birmingham and that's MUCH further than I would ever want to drive for a day trip so it's rather nice to ;et the train - er, I mean coach - take the strain.

It sounds right up my street and something to really look forward to.  Val wasn't interested but, in a way, I'd rather be somewhere like that on my own to look at what I am interested in than hanging around in a group
Better start saving!!  Hee hee!

SW group was, as always, great fun, even if my results were far from satisfactory this week.  Oh, well . . .

And I had a nice fb conversation with Al to arrange my birthday gift to him.  I'm taking him for lunch and then we will be doing some more shopping as there are other clothes he wants or needs.  He's decided on Pizza Express (he does love his pizza) so I've booked and it's all settled.  

Today, I have an early morning SET class at Shimmy Studio and then I hope it will be nice enough to get those flowers planted out properly.  The forecast looks good.  Nice and warm too.  However, right at the moment, it is dull and dreary and really not very nice.   My cold fingers are crossed!
And the P&O cruise brochure arrived the other day so I will take some time browsing through it and seeing what takes my fancy.
(If you remember, I think I have a friend who would like to share this experience with me which makes it much more attractive and it is a sort of bucket thing)
Better go - I have to get ready for SET and drive over to the studio. 
Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx


  1. Morning Joy - I think it is nice to travel with a friend to an exhibition and then split up so you can see what you want to see - and then meet again for lunch. The craft show sounds great - I picked up a programme for the Woven event in our area in June/ July - so am hoping I wil get time off from childcare to go to something. Have a good weekend x

    1. That sounds nice too - I do hope you manage to attend. A good point about splitting up but I've booked now. xx

  2. It sounds like you have another lovely outing planned. Ohh, the craft show sounds awesome.

    God bless.

    1. That's what I thought when I saw it on the web site. These Christmas Specials get booked very quickly indeed so I grabbed at the opportunity. SOmething to look forward to as well. Nice. xx

  3. Sounds like fun. The train is relaxing. You are wise to book early and save money.

    1. It's a coach rather than a train. Decades ago there used to be an advert that said 'Let the train take the strain' - in other words, take a train, not your car. It might even have been cheaper then than driving, I don't really remember, but it was never as convenient!
      It's good to let someone else (the coach driver) do the hard work though. I'd never go that far for just a day trip! :-) xx

  4. How strange is that! I was planning the June 24 Creative Craft Show at the NEC. My daughter and I have always enjoyed the Knit and Stitch Show now at Ally Pally - great thing there is you can off load goodies onto coach through out the day. We take a small suitcase on wheels though now. Great day out.
    Suze x

    1. Now that's a very good ideas - to hold all the lovely purchases. I hope you get to go in June. xx