Monday 8 May 2023

Monday, 08-08-23

Good morning, everyone.  It was an absolutely glorious day round here yesterday.  Wall to wall sunshine and warm too, the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures of around 22C in my garden.
Today doesn't look great, sadly, with rain after a sunny start.  Such a shame on a Bank Holiday Monday but there you go, can't be helped, can it?

As expected, yesterday was another gentle day with no excuse not to get the gardening done - not that any were needed as it was so lovely and sunny.  I tidied up the middle bed a bit, getting rid of some of the older bulb leafage which was pretty limp and died-back.  I planted out some flowers, including the two lupins, one in the bed and one in a pot - I'll see how each works out.
Then I went round the front and weeded - all you have to do is blink and those pesky weeds are up like a shot!
I took a few photos.  The colour isn't great, sorry.

Ages ago, Mum gave me some lily of the valley from her garden and they are now doing so well.  There's several clumps round the front and soon I can see I will need to start thinning them.

One of my favourite flowers.

Whoever said I would love the Felicia is right; it really is very pretty
So is the Veronica.  Really lovely.
And the bluebells are still gorgeous.  They have to start dying soon but right now I am enjoying that gloriously vivid blue - much brighter than the photo shows.
They're not great spreaders, the English variety, keeping themselves together well, but I split them a couple of years ago so there's a little clump the other side and there's a few random ones as well (you can see one behind the Veronica).
They've been there for years and years, starting from one little pot with two, I think, from Cressing Temple.

There's still no news of Lucy, sadly.
Today is Alex's birthday.  I'm going round for a scaled down late lunch and then I will help with the leaflet drop - they have done some but needed to print out some more and couldn't because their printer is out of ink so I've done a pile and will take them round.
A bit of a sad birthday this year.

Have a lovely Monday, whether it is a holiday for you or not.  Enjoy.  xx


  1. So sorry to hear Lucy is still missing, it's the worst nightmare and Beth and Alex must be in bits. I wonder whether Lucy managed to get locked in a shed or garage and the owners away for the weekend. It happened to our Malaika once when she went missing for five days. Fingers crossed and hoping for a good outcome. x

    1. That's what we are hoping, Annabeth. The alternatives are not good. xx

  2. Sorry to hear Lucy hasn't put in an appearance yet, let's hope Annabeth is right.
    I loved the photos of your garden. I bought the very same Veronica plant last week in memory of my mum - I just fell in love with it at the garden centre.
    Fingers crossed for Lucy.
    Suze x

    1. Thanks, Suze. It is so worrying and unhappy.
      It is a really lovely flower, isn't it? I'm so glad I got it. It's a perennial so we get to enjoy it year after year too. xx

  3. It's pouring with rain here. A good excuse to stay indoors I think.
    I'm sorry to hear Lucy has not yet turned up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she strolls back in the door very soon, as though nothing has happened.
    Sending warm birthday wishes to Alex. I hope he still manages to enjoy his special day. Xx

    1. Thank you very much, Jules. It's not raining here - yet - but it is clouding over. xx

  4. Your plants are lovely - I have an invasion of Lily of the Valley but they carpet the border beneath some shrubs so am reluctant to reduce them until after they have flowered now. Hope Annabeth is right about your missing Lucy. x

    1. They are beautiful flowers, aren't they, and the scent is just heavenly.

      Thank you Viv. xx

  5. So sorry to read about Lucy missing. I do hope that you find her very soon or that someone has picked her up and just hasn't seen the posters.

    God bless.

  6. Lovely flowers. Lily of the Valley are starting to pop up here, but aren't quite flowering yet. Hope you had a good day

    1. Despite the anxiety, it was a good day, thanks. xx