Saturday 20 May 2023

Saturday, 20-05-23

 Good morning, everyone.  

The forecast was right - we did get some rain yesterday morning but the afternoon was absolutely gorgeous.  Today has started off bright and sunny and I have the first of a few piles of washing already in so that when I get home from SET, they can go straight out on the line and another load started.  

So - yesterday.  A very happy result at Slimming World after last week's disappointment.  I'm now within half a stone of my full target, I'm in single digit stones again and my BMI is in the healthy banding.   I was quietly extremely happy!

Later on, I drove across town to Abercorns and there bought a few more tomatoes.  I got one each of -
red plum
black opal
tiger tom (like tumbling tom but striped (it said) )
I do like a wide selection of different kinds - they look wonderful on the plate as well as in the garden.

Then I popped over the road to Lathcoats where they have started picking their strawberries.  Not PYO yet but it can't be all that far off.

I bought a punnet of the loveliest ever strawberries - they are so delicious and I will be enjoying them today!

I heard back from the shower people and, after discussing options, I have decided to replace the shower with something more up to date.  I emailed Matt the Plumber who will be getting back to me with suggestions.  He can also do my annual boiler service at the same time and I'd also like to discuss whether it's worth thinking about updating my central heating, etc.  All part of the whole future proofing thing and, as the solar panels were a fair bit less than I had allowed for, I do have some 'home improvement' money left for other things.

Today, I am setting off for SET at the studio very soon and then it is homey stuff.  I want to get those tomatoes into pots, work through the washing and I really ought to sort out the winter coats, get them upstairs and bring down the lighter ones.   I really don't need scarves and warm gloves around at the moment either.

Well, better set out or I will be late.  Have a great day, everyone and, if you have it, enjoy the beautiful weather.  xx

All that should keep me well out of mischief, don't you think?


  1. You are certainly busy today. We've got a gorgeous weather day so decided to do not very much at all - although the washer is on, taking full advantage of the good line drying weather. Well done on your slimming world target.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. I've been buzzing around and now I'm in (the sun had hidden for a while anyway) and I may very well nod off if I'm not careful. :-D
      And thanks.