Friday 12 May 2023

Friday, 12-05-23

 Good morning, everyone.  Surprisingly, it was quite a fine day yesterday until later on when it clouded over and rained again.  I can live with that!

A bit of a disappointment yesterday.
While I was bopping away to Lindsey's SET class, a message pinged in and when I checked it after class, it was from Val saying she really wasn't very well and please could be reschedule.  Of course, said I, so fingers crossed for next week.

So, after a lovely coffee and chat with Chris, I decided I would pop out to a couple of garden centres down the Ongar Road, the Hanging Gardens nursery and, a bit further out, Greenbrook Garden Centre, which is really lovely.
Yes, I did, and justified it because of the Premium Bonds wins.  LOL

Now, I don't usually get going with tomatoes until the end of May - danger of frost, etc - but I was sorely tempted . . . 

. . . as you can see.
There were varieties I have never heard of before.
Firstly, I got a couple of 'Honeycomb' which is supposed to be very like Sungold in habit, flavour and colour.
I also got one called 'Sweet Aperitif', supposed to be similar to Gardener's Delight and very heavy cropping.
The other is called 'Nagina', a plum tomato which is supposed to be highly blight resistant.  

So they are now in their pots (and watered in, thanks to some heavy rain) and, as the bag of compost was open, I filled a couple more pots, all ready for more tomato plants in due course.

I also got a couple of cucumbers, two strawberries (the very old plants are on their last legs so I am slowly replacing them) . . . 

 . . . and some bedding plants.  

All very joy-creating!

I've been looking at coach trips - just day trips - and am very attracted to one to the Weald and Downland Living Museum (where the Repair Shop is filmed) at the end of June.  Val said she would love to come too so. later on today, I will book it for us both.

Today it's Slimming World group and then I will get that trip booked.  Later on, weather permitting, I am back out in the garden, getting some more stuff sorted out.  The house is pretty tidy so I have a clear conscience.

The sun is trying to shine so fingers crossed.  Have a lovely Ffiday, everyone.  xx


  1. Our lovely caravan neighbours live very close to the Weald & Downland, they have a season ticket and go there regularly. It's a big estate with plenty to see and do, apparently. What a lovely lot of plants you got! xx

    1. I've never been but I have heard about it and am looking forward to it very much. It's a big bonus to go with a friend too - lovely!
      It's horrible, cold and wet at the moment so the rest of the plants are going to have to wait to be properly planted, poor things. Fingers crossed it clears up later.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying your day planning the garden and booking trips out. We have wonderful sunshine - about time :) - so we've been playing catch up in the garden too. The trees are now fully dressed in their summer clothes, they are almost luminous, beautiful.
    Alison in Wales x

    1. They really are. It's lovely driving along the country lanes at the moment, truly beautiful.
      I've booked that trip and I'm going to look at what else they have to offer. A day out with someone else driving now and again is a lovely thought. xx

  3. We are slowly but surely getting our garden in....Lots of rain today so nothing done.

    Enjoy your day trip.

    God bless.

    1. Ditto. It is really no fun in the rain, is it? xx

  4. The Weald and Downland Living Museum is one of my favourite places. Wear nice comfy shoes as there's a bit of walking between all the lovely houses. I wish I lived closer to it.