Tuesday 23 May 2023

Tuesday, 23-05-23

 Morning, one and all.  Welcome to Tuesday.  The sun is shining and I don't feel shivery any more - excellent.
It did cheer up considerably yesterday but it's still not what I would call all that warm really.  A bit more heat would be really lovely!

Yesterday went well.  I got all the chores done and dusted before trundling off for circuits which was enjoyable as always.  
That was about it.  Not a day that there was very much to write about.

Today starts with Groove and then I might pop over to Grenville Nursery and complete my collection of tomato plants, seeing as I have the rest of the day to get them out into pots.  It will be nice to get that done.
The other thing I would like to do is look at a couple of links Matt the Plumber sent so I can choose a new shower.  I might go for similar or I might go different, it all depends on how similar the fittings are (I don't want lots of holes in the tiles) and, to some degree, price.  
Once I have chosen, Matt can give me a date and a quite for the work.

And I MUST go through my jeans, etc, to see if any can come down from storage or go up into storage.

If it does turn out warmer, I could sit out for a while.  The garden is looking nice right now.

Have a good one, whatever your plans, and I hope all goes well for you.  xx


  1. Morning Joy :-). It is pelting down here...thank goodness as there is a terrible shortage of water throughout Spain although more so in Andalusia. The park in front of my house is looking decidedly happy or rather the flowers and shrubs are! My sister in Devon tells me its 21 degrees there today and the sun is shining so perhaps it will be warming up soon. Going to do a bit of catching up now and go back over your posts. Keep well. Amanda x

    1. There are times when torrential rain is such a blessing and that is definitely one of them.
      Welcome back, Amanda. xx

  2. I have no plans for the rest of today other than a coffee and an hours reading on the patio. All my 'real job' work has been done, I have printed out the things we need for our weekend away and the kettle is on. A bit of blog hopping and then I can grab my book. :-)

    1. That sounds like the perfect day. Coffee, a book and chores all done. Bliss. xx

  3. My day consists of housework, laundry and attending a band concert this evening. Hope your day was happy and enjoyable!

    1. Housework can be very satisfying (can be, not definitely is!) and I hope yours is that kind.
      Also, I hope you enjoyed that concert. It sounds a good day. xx