Sunday 26 June 2022


 Today's garden happy - more babies.  They look healthier than peppers ever have done before in my garden, even at about a centimetre long.

Good morning, everyone.  Another variable day yesterday, never wet, but intermittently cloudy and sunny.  Very pleasant really.

The park walk was really pleasant.  There were five of us and we meandered from Tower Gardens, through Admirals Park and into Central Park, round the lake and back again, taking half an hour off for coffee.
I took a few photos.

We came across this little chap - I mean big chap - hiding behind a tree in one of the beds.  Very cute.
Jusr a view of the lake
The flowers were lovely.  These roses smelled fantastic and they remind me of old Victorian chintzy wallpaper or fabric.

Once home, I hung up the second load of washing and, later on, got it all ironed so that was good.  I sorted through some clothes (very little to discard, they'd just got muddled) and I just chilled.  It was all very pleasant.

Today is a bit special.  Central Methodist in Letchworth is holding a special service - this is what it says on their web site.
" To mark our Church Anniversary we are having a special Memorial Service remembering those who died since the start of the Pandemic. It’s a chance to meet together and celebrate the lives of those who have died since March 2020 and whose passing we couldn’t mark properly at the time. "
Dad is one of those so I'm representing the family there.

While I've made the journey, I may as well pop into the old home and take a look around.  There's some china and some telly stuff to remove so I'll do that, plus anything else that needs dealing with before coming home again.
(Note to self:  remember a spare hanky)

Later on, I might pop over to Beth's or we might chat online.  We will see.

So that is today.  Probably a bit emotional but it will be OK, probably more than OK, in fact.
Hoping your Sunday will be good too.  xx


  1. I'm sure it will be more than a little emotional for you today but hopefully in a gentle healing kind of way. You can acknowledge the passing of your lovely dad and celebrate his life. Gentle hugs winging your way. x

    1. A bitter sweet and also healing emotional day, a day to remember all the loving things about your lovely Dad and Mum. xx

    2. It was bitter-sweet, yes, but a very good day. Thank you. xx

  2. It's bound to be an emotional day for you but I am glad you have the opportunity to celebrate your Dad's life in this way xx

    1. Yes, it was good. I'm glad I went. xx