Wednesday 15 June 2022


 Today's garden happy - I have just one of these on the fence at the moment.  I want to see how the container itself lasts.  It wasn't cheap and if it goes nasty and rusty quickly, I won't get any more.  If it stays good, I probably will - they do different colours but all that light, sort of dusty pastel type shade..

Morning, everyone.  Aren't we having some great weather at the moment?  It's so sunny and bright and warm.  Mind you, I gather Friday might be a bit too much (I think a dip in the nice cool pool at the gym might very well be on the list for Friday) but see how easily we complain!!  I think I need to change my duvet over today.

Yesterday was a busy but very satisfying day.

It started off with Groove at a local church hall.  As always, it was good fun - Lindsey is so energetic and enthusiastic.  It was her birthday so we all sang the necessary and someone brought a muffin with a candle stuck in it.  It was happy.

Then I popped round to Julia's to pick up the tomatoes.  She and her husband are extremely vulnerable so I didn't see her; the available tomatoes were out the front with envelopes (for payment, in aid of Cancer Research) and instructions.  I don't know the names but I came home with two 'on the vine oranges' (presumably all the fruit a truss ripen at much the same time), two red cherry plants that look as if they are bush so I'm going to treat them like that, and one that just says 'orange toms'.  They are in great condition and one has babies!!  How about that!
I'm not sure the pots are quite big enough so I will pot them on, I think, although the two bush tomatoes are together in a pot so will have to stay together as their roots will be proper tangled by now.
I'm very grateful for these additions to the summer harvest.  Now, if I can just find a sungold or two my cup will be full and running over.

After all that, I had a hasty breakfast and dashed into town for my audiology appointment.  I came away with slightly reprogrammed back-ups, minus the older rechargable ones that are getting a service and battery change before their warrantee runs out.
I know it sounds more than slightly neurotic, but one of my 'fears' is that I am left without workable hearing aids - they do develop problems now and again and I would be extremely isolated without them.  Now I have my new rechargables, my in the ear battery back-ups and the older rechargables which will be as good as new and will be re-programmed to my current levels when they come back.
Apart from the relief, my overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude that I can actually do this.

After finishing with the audiologist, I wandered into M&S and came out with a couple of pairs of shorts.  Nothing too short; I don't want to be arrested!  These were planned purchases and I'm also looking for a light weight summer jacket, cream or ivory sort of colour.  I'll take my time with that one though - it'll probably cost a lot more than most of my Matalan/Tu sort of stuff and will have to last longer.

And finally, I headed off for the gym and had a very refreshing swim.  I arrived just as an aqua class was finishing and had to wait for five minutes but it meant the pool was virtually empty and it was just lovely.

The rest of the day was much lazier.  A bit of sitting outside, sitting inside, some tidying up, a bit of washing (swimming stuff and random items) and a refreshing snooze.  Bliss.

Today isn't quite so bad.
First I am planning to do my weekly shop and I'm at Sainsbury's again because I want to go on to B&Q and then the shop-that-was-Wyvale which are not far down the road.  I need a few more larger pots for my new tomatoes, some tomato collars if they have any and a couple of taller perennials for a couple of gaps - here's the front gap and I think something blue would be nice there.

Then, of course, I will look for sungolds but I don't hold out much hope really, not by now.  After all, we are half way through June, aren't we?
(By the way and inevitably, as soon as I had bought new plant rings, guess what I found.  Yup)

Then I am home for several hours and in that time I will change sheets, do washing, change over my quilts, tidy the house and, with any luck, get some ironing done.  I'm expecting a parcel at some point too.

Finally, later afternoon, it's personal training with Lindsey.  I'm looking forward to that.

Actually, reading the above, it still sounds busy but it's certainly easier than yesterday.  And I'd better start the proceedings off by giving the garden its morning watering as soon as I've signed off.

Is the weather lovely where you are too?  xx


  1. How is Beth? You haven't mentioned her in a while.

    1. She's OK, thanks. Plodding on, work is rather heavy at the moment and she's not liking the hay fever one little bit. Little Pete is a complete joy to her at the moment. I invited her over on Sunday for lunch but she couldn't come.

  2. Have you thought about buying the sungolds online? Some sites are still advertising sungold plants for sale.

    I'm still looking for a couple of taller perennials so will be interested to see what you choose ...ideas are always welcome!

    1. I've never had much luck with buying tomatoes online. They usually come very poor and bedraggled.
      I compromised and got some salvia for the back bed which is not that tall but a bit tall and very pretty, I think.. You could look at verbena- I was tempted for the front but decided to look and think a bit more. It's not an easy place - it's pretty shady and quite dry. xx

  3. Your little hanging planter looks amazing, if it goes rusty you could always give it a respray for next year.

    I love the thought of you being arrested for wearing 'too short' shorts. What a blogging story scoop that would be!!

    1. I could live off it for months, couldn't I? lol
      It is a dear little planter. I saw one today, same size but plastic and it didn't look half as nice. I could respray but it's the sort of thing I would intend to do but never get around to it. I know me!

  4. I hope you find your sungolds soon. We are getting a few small flowers on a couple of our plants.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks, Jackie.
      It's so exciting when that happens, isn't it. That's the lovely thing about nature - we know things are going to happen but it's still new and exciting when they do. We are renewed year after year.