Tuesday 14 June 2022


 Today's garden happy.

The pelargonium in the planter round the front.  So very pretty.

Morning, everyone

Lathcoats has started sending out messages about PYO.  They found that when people had to book, they were able to control the numbers and therefore the pressure on their parking, shop and coffee shop which used to get unmanageably busy at times.
As a result, yes, you have to book and pay for a voucher.  £2.10 pp which is refundable against what you pick, with the 10p being a booking fee.

OK, thought I, now to look up how to book so I know.

And then I spotted this.

Over 65s only and people with a disability and their family/carers can enter the fields between 9 and 10am without booking (weekdays only), as long as we are open.

Woo hoo.  Given that I am an early riser and weekdays are much better for me than weekends, I will *definitely* be taking advantage of this.
And then I can go into the shop and take advantage of their locally grown fruit and veg and other bits and bobs too.  Would you believe they have local-ish wine on tap - literally.  Bring Your Own Bottle.

After all that, I got a message yesterday evening saying that PYO was started today and - I can't go!!  All week I can't go.
Oh, well, next Monday . . .

Yesterday worked out well.  After a nice, gentle start to the day, I went to circuits, which was great, and then I went on into town for a swim - perfect for cooling and stretching (as well as burning more calories than you would think).
Then it was home for a very late lunch.
I picked up the eggs before I had dinner which was also correspondingly late.  She just had six and three of them were titchy . . .

. . . see!
I'm having the three little ones scrambled for breakfast.

On to today and it's really a rather busy one.
It starts with aerobics and then I'm going round to my lovely friend, Julia, to pick up some tomato plants - yes, more!  Jules has been growing them and selling them in aid of cancer research and, if I'd known earlier, I'd have bought more from her.  However, I must have missed her Facebook message.

I do this every year - worry that I won't have enough and then end up with loads.  Not too many though, you can never have too many fresh garden grown tomatoes and they are just about my favourite fruit/vegetable.  One of the best and simplest pleasures in my life is to pick some tomatoes, go in and fry them and have them on wholemeal toast for breakfast.  So, so good!

Then it's a quick breakfast and I'm off into town for another follow up with the audiologist.

After that, seeing as I am in town anyway, I'm thinking I will go for another swim - may as well - before coming home for a late lunch.  If it's hot in town, this will cool me down nicely.

Then the rest of the day is my own.  I won't plant out the tomatoes as I need more pots, I'll just pop them in a nice shady spot overnight.

So - a very full day which should keep me on the straight and narrow, shouldn't it?  Is your day busy too or is it a nice, easy one today?  xx


  1. Oh how lovely.. PYO have the freshest veg. I'm off out to see if my local cherry tree is ripe for picking. I adore cherries and am keeping my fingers crossed. Totally agree about the tomatoes.. one can never grow too many.

    1. Lathcoats is very good. Not the cheapest in the world but great quality!
      Fingers crossed for cherries for you. xx

  2. What about your allotment?

    1. Still umming and ahing about that. I'm just not sure. xx

  3. Keeping the booking system seems like a very good idea, and the beauty of over 65's getting in first means that you can get all the lovely strawberries just as they are at their best in the first flush of the morning air ... and of course fill up your wine bottle before the stock runs out ;-)

    1. LOL - definitely the first, maybe the second!!!
      The first is a new thing as far as I know and I hope they keep it. xx

  4. I'm envious! Our local PYO closed down so the nearest one now is over an hour's drive each way, and they don't grow the variety the old place used to. The early slot for the over 65s is a great idea, especially as parking at these places is always challenging. Will you buy lots for the freezer when you go?

    Enjoy your swim today if you go. Is this part of your challenge?

    1. I will get some for the freezer. Strawberries don't freeze as well as other berries but it's nice to have some. We are lucky, I know. It's around twenty minutes across town but an easy drive.
      No, it's just because I rather like it and I'm getting a bit of strength back again. The actual challenge starts in July and I'll do a sort of countdown through it. :-)

  5. Enjoy your picking, we have to book a time here in order to pick anything. I would like to pick saskatoons this year if I can convince Harvey to join me.

    God bless.

    1. I had to look up 'saskatoons' - they sound really nice. Do you make jam, etc, with them or are they for eating fresh?