Wednesday 8 June 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  We've had another wet night and there's still some drizzle in the air but yesterday started off dull and ended up glorious so fingers crossed.  You never know!

First of all, a HUGE thank you for the donations/sponsorship for my July swim in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  On Facebook, the donations have shot through my first target so I have set a slightly higher one and on Just Giving they are getting there.  You are brilliant!

I set up two Donation Stations (so to speak) to give people a choice.  Some like to use the Facebook giving route and some prefer Just Giving so it seemed sensible.  They are separate with their own targets but in the same cause.

I'll not go on about it all the time but, probably once a week, I'll repost the links to both and I'm sure I will rabbit on about the preparations because this is my life (some of it) and my blog.  :-)

So - I've started by finding out how long the pool is (thanks for the comment yesterday, Riverside Hermit). It's twenty metres so five lengths = 100m and 50 lots of 100m will get me there.  It's not hard to do five lengths - I always do a whole lot more than that  - so it really is achievable, even taking into account my other regular commitments through July.
Once a teacher (especially an SEN coordinator, always a teacher - I've set up a sheet to record progress < grin >

(I have no idea why some of the lines haven't shown - they are there)
The idea is to record when and how much I swim, or it will be easy to forget, I think.

Enough of that!

Yesterday started off with a good, energetic Groove session with Lindsey and the others.  It was really nice to get back to it after a fortnight off even though it was warm and a bit sweaty.

After a rushed breakfast I popped into town to pick up my new glasses (I'm seeing so much better now and reassured about the baby cataracts not growing) and to pick up my back-up hearing aids which are battery powered so I don't need to worry about my rechargables running down and leaving me in the lurch, even less so as he gave me a power pack for my charger which is an optional extra..  The back-ups are in-the-ear ones, not as good but perfectly acceptable and they do have that helpful Bluetooth connectivity.
We (me and the audiologist) spent some time discussing my main aids and the issues I have found with it.  What I hadn't realised was that most of the different channels are automatic - the aids adjust to the conditions around me which explains changes in tone quality that had puzzled me.  It also explains the issues I had last week during the shows when the sounds kept changing in quality and volume, sort of zoning in and out (the music WAS pretty loud) and he showed me how to change them to the music setting on my phone so that shouldn't happen any more.
He also showed me how to change the wax traps but said I really don't need to worry too much about that as my ears are 'remarkably' free of wax (lucky me!).
There are a few things that need tweaking but there wasn't time and I have another appointment next week to review the back up aids (so I'm going to have to wear them a bit this week), deal with any residual issues and also hand over my old aids for a service before the warrantee time runs out - I totally forgot yesterday.

After all that, I was glad to get home and relax.  I did a bit of washing, etc, and a bit of housework and then took things easy.

The only thing in the diary today is personal training at Lindsey's so I'm having a lazier start to the day.  I don't think there's anything else outstanding but I'm sure I will think of some - there's always something.  If the weather picks up, I will pop to the garden centre and get my tomato plants, etc, assuming there's some left and get them into their pots which should make the garden look much more efficient!

Enough rambling!  I need to do my Facebook duties and then get ready for the day ahead.  Take care, everyone, and stay safe.  Covid is still around and impacting.  xx


  1. Good luck with your swimming and for such a good cause. One of my Daughters is under their care so very much appreciated.

    1. I'm so sorry about your daughter being unwell but very glad she is being cared for by such a good place. I wish you both well.
      Thank you. xx

  2. Despite being forecast for rain, we are having a lovely sunny day and I'll be sitting outside with my book later on to make the most of it. I hope the weather has been kind to you as well.

    Glad you were able to get your specs and hearing aids sorted out. It all sounds like a big improvement for you. Do the new hearing aids mean that you can manage telephone calls now?

    Fingers crossed that there are tomato plants when you get to the garden centre.

    1. It's been lovely here too although it's clouded over and we've just had some heavy rain for a while. Yes, I can use the phone now - not that I have because everyone knows I don't use the phone. LOL
      I didn't go tomato hunting today. Tomorrow or Friday, I expect. xx

  3. Yes, Covid still is here, too. Congratulations on your donations. It sounds like you are taking good care of yourself, your vision, and your hearing.

    1. It's an investment in my health, both physical and mental. It's taken me a long time to realise that it's important. :-) xx

  4. I am a list and a chart maker as well. I am sure that you will do well and congratulations on your donations.

    God bless.

    1. I couldn't cope without my lists and charts!!
      Thanks, Jackie. xx

  5. You are so well organised, you will know to a length where you are in your swim-athon.
    Covid is really impacting in so many areas, maybe it seems more so as we don't really see it on the news anymore, but we do come across it in our daily lives more. Hopefully because so many of us are fully vaccinated and boosted the 'herd immunity' thing will now mean it's just another cold-like thing to cope with as and when we come across it or catch it.

    1. I hope so - after all, far be it from me to do a single metre more than I need to do LOL!
      When I had it in March, it really was just a nasty cold although the after effects went on for a while. It's OK now though (fingers crossed!) xx