Monday 27 June 2022


 Today's garden happy from the front this time, a campanula (I am fairly sure) but I don't recall planting it so goodness knows where it came from.  It's in the wrong place - it should be at the back as it's so tall.  Once it finished flowering, I'll move it and hope it survive.

Good morning, everyone.  It's another lovely start to the day although rain showers are forecast later on in the day.  No complaints - it will be good for the garden.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments under my 'remembering' post yesterday.  They were so kind and understanding and helped so much.  I won't do my usual individual replies this time but thank you, thank you, thank you.

The drive over to Letchworth was lovely - a perfect Sunday summer morning with little traffic and only one hold up for road works.  I really couldn't have wanted better.
I arrived at Central Methodist with about half an hour spare with plenty of room in the car park so I ate my banana (didn't want tummy rumbles during the service!) and read for a while before going in.
The service was a typical Methodist hymn sandwich of, basically, hymn, reading or prayer, light a couple of candles and name two people, repeat.  The hymns were great - a mix of modern by the likes of Kendrick and Redman and some golden oldies, all requests from the families.  Dad would have approved - he loved a good old singsong and nothing better than hymns with a fine tune and a bass line he could get his vocal teeth into.
It was . . . satisfying.

Then I went back to the house (it's not quite the last time, I will be going once more, the day before completion, to do a final check over with Gail and leave a welcome pack) where I managed to make some sense of the tangle of wires and plugs behind the telly, bringing the actual TV back for Alex.  I also got the rest of the everyday china in boxes and that's all now in the garage, again for Alex should the time come when he has his own place.
Annoyingly, when I got home I remembered that there are little bits and bobs we left for when John and Gina stayed over and I didn't even look in that cupboard and there might also be two saucepans in a drawer.  Oh, well, next time will do for them - it's only a bit.

The drive home was just as good as the drive over.  I was glad for an efficient air con though, it was warm.
I popped round to Beth's for a quick chat and to drop off the telly - and realised I hadn't brought the remote back.  Drat.  Alex wasn't fazed - he said he'd either reprogram an old one (how???  Oh, well . . . ) or get a universal one from Amazon.  So that was OK and, anyway, it's on the list for the last visit, whenever that will be.

I spent the evening in the garden, in my newly created space where the compost bin was.  I cooked, ate, read, watched YouTube on my phone and generally had a peaceful and contented time.

Oh, I also brought that lower table back - I thought John and Gina had taken it but obviously not so I have it.  It will be perfect for outside cooking - there's room for the Cobb (I love that Cobb), food and all the tools needed and it folds up nice and thin.  

It was a lovely, contented evening and I think the morning service had its part to play in the feeling of peace and contentment.

Today looks busy but isn't really!
Lathcoats was closed yesterday so there should be plenty of strawberries for picking today so guess where I am going for 9:00 this morning.  It's 'pensioners time' and, much as I dislike the term and the mental pictures it conjures up, there's no getting away from it.  I am a pensioner and I'm going to take advantage of that fact whenever I can.

Middle of the day is circuits with Lindsey and after that I'm going to go to the gym for a swim.  I haven't been able to go for a while so it is about time.  I thought I'd start counting today towards my sponsored swim distance; after all, it is July on Friday, ridiculous as that sounds.

When I get home from that, I will probably crash and chill.

So that's me - how about you.  Did you have a good weekend and do you have some exciting or enjoyable plans for today?  xx


  1. The cobb looks interesting. I'll have to google it and see what it actually can do.

    1. It's rather expensive but I will use it (already have), unlike a barbecue. It has a carrying bag so easy to take away with you too. I'm very glad I invested in one. xx

  2. It is annoying when you think that you have cleared everything out and then you remember one more thing you forgot to pick up. I know it happened to me when I was in the same situation with my mum's flat.
    I hope the weather stays dry for you today so that you can enjoy strawberry picking.Right now it is pouring down with rain here so I'm staying inside :)

    1. I was a bit cross with myself, I have to admit. :-)
      I'm just back from picking and it has been lovely. xx

  3. I have added a Cobb to my 'wants' list so will be treating myself to one later in the year. 🙂

    Your set up with the tables, the Cobb and your egg chair looks so inviting. Will that space remain once your garden room is built? xx

    1. Unfortunately, it can't. The garden room will take up some of that space. But, for now, I will make the most of it.
      Cheers re the Cobb. :-)

  4. Nothing too exciting here. The strawberries and swim sound like fun activities for the day. I hope it’s a good one for you.

    1. It's been very pleasant so far, thanks Belinda. xx

  5. What a lovely space and it sounds as if you had a wonderful day.

    God bless.