Tuesday, 31 March 2015


One day down and a most enjoyable day it was too.  The weather wasn't too bad at all; we had a bit of sun and a bit of rain and quite a lot of breeze which kept it feeling colder than it really was but it wasn't a problem.  In the evening the rain pelted down but by then I was snug and warm indoors.

During a lazy start to the day (I really MUST get dressed straight away) I over cooked some butter beans which will now be used for soup, made some English muffins at 11p per muffin (great for breadline) which were totally delicious (the one I ate was anyway) and are now in the freezer, made some roast beef soup (see other blog as I will post about it on there at some point) and did some more quilting so A's baby quilt is almost finished.

OK, so maybe not so lazy after all.

After lunch (the soup) I headed out to Hobbycraft and  - er - stopped being frugal for a short time!
Then I went to Aldi and redeemed myself to some extent before going home to find that Beth had been and gorn!  Bless she, she had also been to her allotment and brought over some leeks, a little cabbage and some of her first picking of rhubarb.  How truly lovely!  Thank you, Beth, love you too!

So, on to today.  Second day.
Today I want to sort out one of my downstairs cupboards.  I have a whole load of school based stuff in it, stuff that I could actually take in and say 'who wants . . .?', thus clearing space for my sewing stuff.!
Breadline starts tomorrow and I will post about how those plans are going in a separate post so that I don't bore you all to tears
The weather doesn't look too promising after a wild and windy night, although the sun is shining right now, so I doubt I will want to go out although I might do a wee bit of gardening.  It is uncomfortably windy though so we will see.
I want to finish A's quilt and also another quilt that I have made for another friend who recently had a baby.
I want to stew the rhubarb.

I do so love the school holidays!  Time to do interesting and homey things.  Lovely.


  1. It was ALL of my first picking of rhubarb, Mother. That was the lot! And I gave it all to you awwww.....

  2. ALL! Awwww - that makes it even lovelier. Huggles.
    J x