Wednesday 4 September 2013


Well, wasn't it another lovely day yesterday?  Sunny, warm/verging on hot, just gorgeous.   This morning is cool and misty at the moment which probably means another lovely day later on.

 It was also a lovely day at school.  Children were a bit noisy but then they are little and littlies make noise.  I think we will get along just fine!

It's going to feel very odd later.  Since I don't know how long, year 1 PPA has been on Wednesday morning.  Suddenly, this year, it is Tuesday afternoon.  It is going to take some getting used to, I have to say, being in my class on a Wednesday morning.  But it is so much better.  I now take two out of three PE lessons.  I take my class for nearly all literacy and maths.  There's a pay back in that some foundation subjects won't be taken by me but all in all I am really pleased with the way it is all working out.

I am also pleased that I am being given some fresh challenges this year.  It's all too easy at my age and in my position to sit back and feel you've got it made.  You've never got it made in teaching and it's nice to be feeling that one is moving on (or being moved on) in a pleasant way rather than being forced into something one knows one has no aptitude for.

So, all in all, life is good.  Very good indeed.  I have a fantastic team working with me this year.  No teacher could ask for better.  Again, I am very fortunate.

On the home front, I continue to pick more tomatoes than I can eat and can see another cooking session coming on.  The mini hundreds and thousands are really coming into their own now.  I've already picked and eaten hundreds of the sweet beauties and there's many, many more to ripen.  The runners continue to provide green deliciousness.  The carrots are coming on too - I will be pulling some thinnings soon.  The radishes are over now but my word, they were good while they lasted.  And the chillies just keep on coming.

(I wish they would ripen though)

Life is good!


  1. Great minds and all that, your picture looks much like mine!!!!

  2. Yes, I saw that, lol! It's a great time/year for tomatoes, isn't it?
    J x

  3. Wow, bumper crops then, that's wonderful. We could really see the run-up to this, day by day....absolutely lovely and I am so glad you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labour as it were. :o)
    Sounds like you are in for a good year and so glad to hear about your fantastic team. Great news!

  4. Very bumper. I picked about fifty minis this morning and there will be more this evening after such a warm and sunny day. No complaints from me.
    J x