Tuesday 17 September 2013


I was a little unsettled yesterday.  A fellow blogger had nominated me for a 'Leibster Award' (for my food diary blog).

No, I hadn't heard of it either and am still not totally clear what it is but one thing stood out and that was that to 'qualify' for this I needed to nominate eleven other bloggers.  To me (and this is a very personal reaction), it smacks of a sort of pyramid thing so I won't be taking it up:  I can just imagine Diane's reactions if I nominated her, for example.   I'd never dare!

 The lovely lady who nominated me asked questions to answer, and I liked them, so here they are with my responses.

1.  What was the very first thing you made in your chosen craft.
Oh, gosh, what is my chosen craft?  I've been crafting since my earliest days, one way or another.  I remember making 'Gonks' with fabric and newspaper stuffing for little friends when I wasn't much older than they were.  I did paper sculpture and origami before secondary school.  I knitted, sewed, crocheted, made lace, wove baskets and macrame hangers, composed music - you name it, I've probably tried it (or would like to).  What came first?  I have no idea.  What's my chosen craft?  I haven't a clue. Jack of many trades, master of none, that's me!  And I'm happy with that.

2.  What is your favourite TV show?
Well, I don't watch a lot of TV (no time) but I like Pointless, Eggheads, Bake Off, Strictly, Doctor Who . . . I did love Robin of Sherwood, decades ago.

3.  Do you drink tea or coffee or something else all day.
Goodness, no!  I'm a teacher.  'Comfort breaks' have to be timetabled!!!!!  You can't drink anything 'all day' if you're a teacher.  Bladders come under OFSTED regulations.  Bowels too, come to that!

4.  Who is your favourite TV chef?
Now that's easier.  It has to be Delia.  Take away the 'TV' bit and I would say 'my mum'.  I'm old fashioned like that.

5.  What is your most favourite place to eat out?
I would say round at mum and dad's.  Can't eat better than there.  And it's free!  Win-win.

6. Have you got a bucket list and, if so, what's at number 1?
What on earth is a 'bucket list'???  Is it a sort of flower or vegetable thing?

7. Do you have a favourite pet?
No!  :-)

8.  If you had a choice from all over the world, where would you prefer to live?
In the Derbyshire Peaks.  In a 'character cottage with period features' as they say in Escape to the Country. It would need tardis like qualities too.
After I won the Lottery.

9. Do you play any sport and are you any good at it?
Nay, nay and thrice nay!

10,  Are you a morning person or a night person.
Any regular blog reader will know I am a morning person through and through.  Nights are for sleeping.  Mornings are for living.  And blogging!  And Facebooking.  And getting ready for school.

If you were stranded with a flat tyre, could you change it yourself?
In theory, yes, but in practise, why do I pay the RAC  if not for things like this?

After reading through all this I can only come to two conclusions.  The first is that I am a very ordinary, thoroughly dull and boring person.  The second is that boring or not, I am usually comfortably grounded and that is not to be sniffed at!

Life is good.


  1. Oh Joy what a laugh you gave me this morning. I do hope I don't terrify you. But you are right in thinking that I had never heard of this award. I too see myself as an ordinary person living an ordinary life with all the trials and tribulations of a normal existence. Most of it is boring and mundane but punctuated with small incidents that make it worthwhile.

  2. < chuckle > Not at all really but it reads well!!

    I enjoy our kind of blogs more than any other type. It's cosy and familiar and I find your blog very interesting.

    J x

  3. You are anything but and live life to the full, and kindly let us into your lovely world via the blog.

    As for the bucket list, it's a list of all the things you would like to do if you had the time and money and before it's too late ...

  4. Thanks for that, Annabeth. It seems an odd term to use. And also thank you for your lovely comment. :-)
    J x

  5. I understand 'bucket list' comes from 'things you want to do before you kick the bucket'! :0)


  6. Aaaah, I see! Thanks for that. I can see I will have to think again.

  7. Lovely to read the answers to your questions - a cottage in the Derbyshire Peaks sounds wonderful! I beg to differ BTW - I would never consider you to be a thoroughly dull and boring person, good gracious no! What you are is a kind, warm-hearted, home-loving lady, a brilliant cook and a genuinely lovely person, so there! (Bet you are blushing now!) ;o)) S.xxx

  8. Oh, I am really. Precious little 'get up and go'ness about me. I like life just as it is (most of the time). I suppose 'a lot more confidence' could go on the bucket list!
    J x