Wednesday 25 September 2013


Wednesday already, planning is done for the week and on Friday we will be halfway through the half term, a twelfth of the way through the school year.  Already I can see progress (which is just as well) and have become very fond of my littlies.

For one, I think for the very first time, I have no children in my class with the same name so they don't have to go their school career with an initial attached to their name to differentiate them from each.  I have some pairs that have names quite like each other but that's OK.

I shall never again do what I did one year.  I had a lad - let's call him Henry - and then half way through the term along came another Henry.  The first Henry was tall, the second small so they ended up as Big Henry and Little Henry.  Fine, no problems, they were happy with that.  However, I'm not so sure that in Y6 they are still so happy but the name has stuck!  With any luck the pattern will break when they get to secondary school!

Yesterday I made slow cooker spiced apple cheese.  I was a bit nervous - I haven't made a fruit 'cheese' (not really cheese, of course) for decades and I've never used the slow cooker for anything like this, but it looked simple and I had the apples (thanks again, J) so I thought 'why not'.  I've posted about it in Teacher's Recipes, with a link to the original post in a very interesting blog called Allotment2Kitchen.  Worth taking a look.

After it had effortlessly simmered away all day in the slow cooker (no stirring and it was fine), all I had to do in the evening was carefully ladle the very hot mixture into Thermione and give it all a quick zizz on the highest speed.  Then into jars where it was left to cool and 'solidify' and now it is a perfect pouring consistency.  The only think I don't know is how long it lasts for so I think I will keep it in the fridge.

We won't mention the sticky washing up!!

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