Wednesday 18 September 2013


I learnt something new yesterday.  It seems a bucket list is a list of things you would really like to do before you 'kick the bucket'!  How morbid!!!  I'm not sure there is much really - maybe that's not quite true but I'm being realistic.  There's things I would like to see, do, experience and some of them are in the pipeline but for others I know I will never get the chance so what's the point in dwelling on them?  Better to be satisfied with my very pleasant life than to yearn after things unrealistically.  Or have I got it all wrong?

Yesterday was a funny mixture of a day.  Sunny am, rainy pm.  In class until 11:00, then out of class for the rest of the day.  Slept well but was dreadfully tired by the end of the day and came home early (early for me, that is).

Over Monday night I tried something new - 'roasting' a chicken in the slow cooker.  It worked OK although I left it in too long.  Given that I was asleep, it would he hard not to.  The house smelt absolutely wonderful through the night!  I will do that again, definitely!

Then last night I knocked up a savoury mince and cooked that overnight too.  It's delicious this morning so I now have meat for the rest of the week and beyond.  Excellent!!

Today will be a long day and then there is staff meeting afterwards.  I'm glad I have a dinner all prepared and ready as I will be tired again.

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