Tuesday 3 September 2013


Finally it has arrived.  The first complete day of the new school year.  In three hours time my bay will be buzzing with little children, hopefully happy to be back at school and in Y1.
Everything is ready.   The bay is tidy.  The planning is complete.  The new registers are on the table, waiting for the first red lines that say 'present'.  I wonder how many dinners will be recorded wrongly in the dinner register as the children struggle to remember if they are school dinners or packed dinners.
Slightly ironically, I am in with my class until playtime.  Then it is coordinator time.  Then PPA in the afternoon.  Happily, my cover teacher had them last year and they know her well so it shouldn't cause too many emotional hiccups.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy.  Another meeting, fire fighting training, staff meeting and in the bay after lunch.  But we're ready.

I popped out this morning to water the garden (I forgot yesterday evening) and pick the tomatoes only to find that one of the two redlove apples had fallen off.  Darn it.  It was too small to be ripe but I cut it in quarters, dug out some manky bits and tasted.  Yup, sour and dry but with promise of tasting really lovely.  Fingers crossed for the other one and even more for next year.
In looks it delivered though.  See the photos.


  1. Beautiful apples! Lovely to hear that you were all ready and all systems go - sounds as if the year has got off to an excellent start. :o) S.xxx

  2. It's started anyway! :-)

    J x