Friday 13 September 2013

Friday (somewhat late)

So sorry for being late with this.  It's been quite a day.

First of all, I woke at 2:30-ish with my brain a-buzzin' and ,my body tossing and turning and very restless to the extent that I simply could NOT get back to sleep again.  So I came downstairs and dealt with what was on my mind to such a degree that I had to rush a bit to get into school early (OK, so I did some Facebook as well).  It didn't help matters that with half an hour to go my tum went on me and I spent more time than I could spare on the loo - thank the Lord for Imodium (or the Morrison's cheaper equivalent!).  I'm fine now, of course.  Put it down to stress.

Once in school, I was greeted by the wonderful news that as the head, deputy and KS2 coordinator were all out of school I was the big boss-girl for the day.  Oh, the joy!!!

At lunchtime I could feel myself fading out rapidly.  On a normal day I wouldn't have worried too much although it's wall to wall paperwork at the moment, but you can bet your bottom dollar if I did fade out the school would erupt, so I popped over to Morrison's for some so-called 'energy drink' which did the trick for an long as needed.  Now I'm at home and fighting to stay awake for a decent time before crashing out or I will do the same thing again.  Of course it was a remarkably quiet and settled day at school which I put totally down to my energy drink, of course.

I did get loads done today thought so am feeling very satisfied.  Two internal meetings which were really extremely helpful, annual review paperwork (for two of them) set up (always a biggie), new statement IEPs started, important paperwork copied and distributed, dates decided . . . so I feel very satisfied now.  A day well spent.

And now it is the weekend.  All planning is done and I just have resources to make.  Excellent!  Two down, six to go.

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