Monday 16 September 2013


Hasn't it been blustery?  Cold too - my heating was clicking on yesterday evening, much to my dismay.  I was worried about the grow house in the very strong winds but with the door zipped closed and being tied down to the fence, it's been OK, no dangers of it blowing away or falling down.  Now it has all calmed down and there's a beautifully starry sky although, of course, it's quite cold in the clear night air.  However, it's probably too cold for blight, which is a blessing.  There's still a whole load of tomatoes to ripen!

Yesterday evening felt so chilly that when I went to bed I lay an extra cover on my bed, over the quilt.  It was only a cheap bedspread but another layer always does the trick and I was cosy and snug all night.
Small blessings are important.

It's been a wonderful weekend with Mum and Dad.  On Saturday, we went to see the Arcadians' concert performance of Sweeney Todd and my goodness, it was a powerful performance.  Different to their usual work but absolutely excellent.  We had a fantastic evening and I'm already looking forward to their next offerings: something Christmassy in December and a show (not finalised) next June.

Their garden, as always, looks wonderful.  I took this photo of the beef tomatoes from the bedroom window and the biggest tomato is the size of my hand, absolutely enormous.  I'm pondering on growing one next year myself now.  His other tomatoes were a glorious orange variety called Sungold and he's going to let me have a plant or two next spring which is very kind.  There was a pot of these out for snacking on and they are so sweet and delicious!
(From the Thompson Morgan site)
Today is a full day with my class, good-oh!  All is prepared and ready and I'm looking forward to the activities I have planned for them.  I hope the children enjoy them too.

And now I'd better start making my breakfast!


  1. Wow! These pictures would grace any seed catalogue!

  2. oops! I should have read on ....:(

  3. I have one beef tomato plant, it's slower ripening than the others. Your Dad's toms look very healthy and prolific. Jx

  4. lol @ Annabeth The first one was a photo I took! As you noticed, the second one I got from a catalogue online.
    Joan, dad definitely has a way with tomatoes. It's my ambition to grow them as well as he does, bless him.
    J x