Monday 30 September 2013

Monday and a turkey leg

Ages ago I bought a whole turkey leg (not just the drumstick) and put it in the freezer.  This weekend I got it out and on Sunday morning I slow roasted it for about four hours.

It gave me huge amounts of meat, some of which I used for a turkey and vegetable pie for dinner last night, half of which is still here because it was a very full pie!  Guess what I am having for dinner tonight.
When I can gather my thoughts I will post what I did on the other blog.

It was a lovely day yesterday.  Fine weather (bit blowing on the heights of Hyde Hall, but very refreshing), off to Hyde Hall, a super lunch there, a relaxing wander round, a visit to some of the 'market' stalls they had open, spent just a bit of money . . . lovely.  I was well pleased that because I have RHS membership, I can take a guest along free so I only had to pay for one of my visitors.
There's another 'special' there in a fortnight and I think I might go along to it!  What do you think?  Beth - interested?
Fresh fruit
Borrowed from the Hyde Hall web
And now it's back to school again.  Never mind, not long until the next weekend!

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