Sunday 15 September 2013


After two bad nights, or rather, after two ridiculously early wakings, I had a glorious night's sleep last night and woke just before seven which, for me, is a real lie in.  I feel so much better for it.  Yes, I was later to bed because I went out to a concert performance of Sweeny Todd (brilliant, more another time) but I must have had a good eight hours' of sound sleep.  It feels great.

It's supposed to be wet and windy but here it is still calm, still and sunny.  Sometimes our weather can be so weird!  I'm a bit concerned as to how well the grow house will stand up to really strong win!s so am hoping it won't be so bad.  My garden is pretty sheltered but less so than it used to be now that the hedge has gone so I will have to wait and see.

It's wonderfully relaxing to know that even if I do not one stroke of work today I am fully prepared for tomorrow (more or less).  Having PPA on Tuesday and having to have next week's planning ready for a meeting on Friday (not school policy, just a class thing) means that my weekends are much free-er than they used to be.  I like it.

After my meeting on Thursday, I now have the housework thing set up.  Two hours once a fortnight, I decided, and she (the company owner, who happens to be a mum at school too) has managed to timetable it on Fridays which is perfect.  Her 'girl' can't start this coming week which is also perfect because, as it happens, each time I have something on at the weekend, my house will be cleaned on the Friday before, even just before Christmas.  I couldn't ask for better, could I?  And I will HAVE to keep the place tidier too.  It's a win-win for me and, while the guilty feeling is still lurking, it's being pushed out by the sense of relief and by sheer common sense.

Just look at the time - you can tell it's the weekend as I am typing this in bed with the laptop balanced on a pillow.  So decadent!!  Now I'm off for a nice hot bath!  I think one of the big secrets of a happy life is to rejoice in the smaller things (which actually aren't necessarily all that 'small' really) and, for me, I am so appreciative that my life is filled with good, small things.  A nice hot bath is definitely one of them.  I like showers but baths are better every time!

Borrowed from Google search - not my bath but, as it happens, the same shape as my bath and I love it.


  1. Great that you have been able to sort out a lady to come in and help with the housework - must be such a relief and you have made such a wise decision - good for you! :o) Yes, you do have a lovely bath and you are right, life is made very special by what seem to be small things, but actually aren't somehow. :o)
    Have a super day!

  2. I'm quite pleased now I have actually made the decision . . .
    J x