Monday, 23 September 2013


It's well past six o'clock as I begin to type this and outside, although it is still very dim, it looks as if it might be another lovely day.  Yesterday started dull, gloomy and chilly and then, in the afternoon, the sun broke through and it was beautiful.

It was a beautiful day in other ways too.

I found that, with Thermione's help, I can make nice shortcrust pastry.  I made a scrummy dinner for me, Beth and Alex, I made a batch of seedless blackberry and apple jam and I've found recipes to use up the rest of the apples.  I have one more to add my jampot list, posted yesterday, and that is slow cooker spiced apple butter.  Doesn't that sound good?
borrowed from Google Images

When Beth and Alex came round they were bearing gifts - black beans, courgettes and two butternut squashes.  Fantastic.  With my tomatoes, carrots and runner beans (which are still producing happily) I am well set for the week as far as veg is concerned.  It's a nice, fuzzy feeling!  Thanks, Beth!
Borrowed from Mark's Veg Plot at
On Saturday, George dug up almost all of my crocosmia.  It had taken over the bed, shadowing other plants and generally just getting far too big for its boots.   Beth took what he dug up for her garden/allotment (not sure which) so there was no waste, always a good thing. I do like our informal barter system!

Ah, well, it is six forty and I need to start getting ready for school.


  1. Although crocosmia looks nice it is so invasive. Fine along Cornish lanes but not in the garden. I'm intrigued about Thermione she seems to be in almost constant use. Jx

  2. She's just about the best 'small gadget' I have ever bought. Fantastic!
    J x

  3. And I agree with you about crocosmia - but I love it. Mine is 'lucifer' and it lights up the while garden.
    J x