Monday 2 September 2013


. . . and here we are, at the start of a new school year.  I'm always very nervous at this point, unsure as to how it will go, whether we will all get on together, will they learn what the need to learn . . . and so on.  The old tum is churning a bit but it's only nerves.

The tortilla I made yesterday was really delicious and I don't know why I don't make it more often.  There's two portions left which will be perfect for lunch today and tomorrow.  Today is the start of store-cupboard fortnight and all is planned and ready.

The planning is printed out, I've done the afternoon play timetable, all is ready.  Goodbye holiday!

We had an absolutely beautiful sunset yesterday and I managed to grab a few photos.  .


  1. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing. Here's hoping you have a rosy future with the new intake. Jx

  2. What stunning photos, good luck for the first day back

  3. Thank you both. Today was fine - an INSET so no children. They are back tomorrow and I think I am ready for them!
    J x

  4. Stunning photos, Joy - what colours! I can completely understand that you must have felt nervous with the start of the new year, but it will all go so well, I am sure! :o)