Sunday 22 September 2013

Apple and . . .

I am lucky in that I have friends who offload some of their garden glut onto me.  Last week K brought over a large punnet of blackberries which I turned into seedless gloop fairly pronto and stored away safely.  Yesterday my dear friend J brought over a bag of apples from her tree.

So today I made blackberry and apple jam.  Seedless, of course, as I don't like the way the blackberry seeds get stuck in my teeth.  I now have nine pots of gorgeousness cooling in the kitchen plus one little one that I am taking to someone later on because it's their birthday.  This year it was a particular pleasure because we didn't get any blackberries from Streele Farm - they were still hard and green.
Of course, I will share this harvest with J, K and Beth.

I used up the blackberries but there's loads more apples so I'm having fun deciding what to make.
Here's the list - not a bucket list, just a jam pot list!
Apple mint jelly (I have loads of mint in the garden)
Spiced apple and plum jam (I hope to get some plums this week)
Spiced apple cordial (which is just lovely and tastes fantastic as part of a mulled drink).

When I've made the jelly, I will run the pulp through the mouli and freeze what comes through for apple sauce.  No waste if I can help it!

I also want to make some spiced plum vodka like I made strawberry vodka but adding a star anise and a bit of cinnamon stick to the bottle with the fruit, sugar and vodka.  I've been saving bottles.

I'll post on Teacher's Recipes as and when.


  1. How lovely that you have all this fruit! Apple mint jelly sounds fabulous, as does the spiced plum vodka! Very nice indeed. :o)
    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks, Sonja. I'm really looking forward to using up those apples!
    J x