Sunday 8 September 2013


It hasn't taken me long to get back into my old habit of very early waking.  The fact that it is still totally dark doesn't make any difference whatsoever.  It's also jolly chilly this morning and the time is coming when I will need to hunt out my dressing gown for extra warmth.   I've just been out to the freezer and came back shivering.  I'm glad I shut my tomato plants up in the grow-house yesterday evening.

I still seem to have gadzillions of titchy tomatoes waiting to be eaten, despite a surfeit yesterday.  I suppose, given that I picked a huge potful in the morning and then another huge potful in the evening, it's hardly surprising.  Ah, well, I have six more portions of a very delicious roasted tomato sauce for the freezer and intend to make more and I am already dreaming of green tomato chutney (and how much time I will save using Thermione for all the chopping).

Today I want to rest.  I'm going back to bed again shortly as I can feel the tiredness beginning to wash over me.  I reckon I could get another couple of hours of shut-eye if I try!  I have a Sunday lunch to cook, of course, but that's OK and won't be a problem.

Diane, I have a question for you, if I may ask.  If I boiled a whole load of new potatoes, cooled them and vacu-packed them, how long would they last in the fridge?   It would be a grand time saver, assuming they stay good for a reasonable length of time.

OK, so I'm back off to bed.  Fingers crossed that the sleepy feeling translated into a good snooze!  'Night!


  1. I do this when I have a surfeit of spuds that would only end up sprouting. I have kept them for well over two weeks and they are fine. I expect they would keep even longer if you need to. I pack them in sizes to suit us which is three but individual portions would also be fine. To reheat I just drop the bag in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes or blast them in the microwave. Hope you manage to get a couple of hours it is a real pain waking up so early.

  2. I did, thanks, and now feel a whole lot better.
    Thanks for the info. I shall do it!
    J x