Friday 27 September 2013


Yes, yet again it is Friday and I have another SEN day packed with paperwork and meetings.  How jolly!
Borrowed from Google Images (again)
We do seem to be having something of an Indian Summer after a very chilly spell in the middle of the months and, according to my little weather bug app, the weekend is likely to be more of the same.  No complaints here!

To go with the warmer weather, the garden is still flourishing, the tomatoes are accumulating again, there's plenty of runners for the weekend and I'm looking eagerly at the leeks - not ready yet but growing fast!  I shall be picking more carrots this weekend.  I only have two short rows so want to make the most of them.  The broccoli is happier now that there are fewer butterflies around and are also growing fast.  For a very small patch, it is doing OK and small means it is easier to keep the weeds down!

As posted yesterday, it was a lovely day and I'm hoping that the children slept well as they went home very weary - just like their teacher who also was weary and who slept like the proverbial log.  Early to bed and early to rise is the name of the game, isn't it?

This weekend is Chilli Pepper weekend at Hyde Hall, which sounds intriguing.  I might meander along to that at some point.  I find Hyde Hall very restful and relaxing and haven't been for a little while now.  The last time I went we were rained off and didn't see very much at all, sadly.  But with a positive forecast this weekend it might be just the ticket!

I've been buzzing around tidying up the house in preparation for the first visit from my 'cleaning lady'.  After all, I mustn't shock her too soon and also she'll be able to do a better job if there's less clutter.  Finally, with visitors due this weekend, it has to be done anyway!  I feel weirdly excited about coming home to a clean house when I haven't done it myself.  Woo hoo!!!


  1. I hope you are delighted to come home and find it all shipshape and Bristol fashion.

  2. Yes, it will be lovely to come home to a clean house, especially in time for the weekend and your visitors - fab! :o)
    Sounds like the vegetables are doing brilliantly, I am so glad you are having some warm weather for the tomatoes - that's great! You must have had hundreds of the little ones by now, haven't you?
    Have a lovely day!

  3. IOt was really nice. And now I am relaxing rather than running myself ragged getting the house ready for visitors tomorrow. I should have done this ages ago. :-)

    Sonja, I really have hundreds, possibly thousands. And there's still loads more on the vine!

    J x