Wednesday 11 September 2013


Oh, dear.  When I came home from school yesterday I went out into the garden as I always do and, ooops, the wind had blown over one of the tomato plants.  I picked it up, of course, and stood it back in its place but on the floor were 29 tomatoes that had been knocked off - thirty, in fact, but one was squashed.  They're indoors now and some may turn red but I am debating whether to chop them up and freeze them ready for some green tomato chutney later on.  What a shame though.

As well as being windy, yesterday was chilly and people were muttering about turning the heating on.  September is a bit early for that but I can understand why.  Even the children chose to put coats on when they went out to play.  And the tomatoes were shut up for the night again!

Today is a very full day with ICT, library, family assembly and staff meeting after school.  There's some good stuff planned so I hope they enjoy it.


  1. Yes, it's windy, wet and cool here, too, thank goodness. :o) After the summer we have had, I have to say I enjoy every second of not having to feel hot . So glad you were able to retrieve most of the tomatoes and green chutney sounds wonderful!
    Have a good day!

  2. I hope it will taste wonderful too, although I am giving them a chance to ripen on the window ledge first!