Tuesday 10 September 2013


First of all, please may I say a big 'thank you' to you lovely readers who commented about my ponder on getting some help in with the housework.  You were so kind and so encouraging, it was very much appreciated!

Another cloudy view thing from the other day as I didn't take any photos yesterday.
Well, the god who watches over school playtimes obviously forgot to get out of bed yesterday morning because the weather was filthy vile for most of the day.  No morning play, ten minutes at lunch time and then the rain started again, no afternoon play.  Of course, by home time the sun was out but as we watched over some children in the playground (their parents were at the 'meet the teacher' meeting), it threatened to start yet again but didn't quite make it.  Bonus - I didn't have to get going with the watering can.
The forecast for today is better but there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of sun (or warmth) predicted.  My tomatoes aren't going to like that!

I love our local selling page on Facebook.  Now and again I glance in to see if there's anything interesting on offer.  This weekend I picked up nine bars of soaps including three Yardley lavender soaps and five Woods of Windsor soaps for just £4.00.  I love smelly soaps and now I have a whole basketful of them, making upstairs smell sweet.  If I was REALLY frugal, I would save them for pressies but I'm not going to, so there!
And then, just as I was reading a reply about picking up, I saw that someone very local had some Magnetix for sale so I pounced on that too.  It's now in school and the children made good use of it in wet playtimes yesterday.  That was a tenner and, given the amount of stuff, great value.

Today is the day I am mostly not in class.  I have coordinator time after play and it's Y1 PPA in the afternoon.  After school it's the KS 1 Meet The Teacher meetings.  I've done enough of them now to quite enjoy them.

A busy day ahead so I'd better get organised.  Have a good one, everybody!


  1. How crazy is that - I too had a SOAP day yesterday. We really do seem to be on the same wavelength!!!!

  2. We do, don't we? I'm not sure whether it's great minds or the opposite but one way or another we do mirror each other quite a lot.
    J x

  3. Actually, one of my knitter natter group brought in a small soap last Friday that one of her friends made, it's a 'sheep' fragranced with one of her perfumes. As one of my SIL is mad keen on anything sheepish I've ordered a lavender scented one for her.

    There's soap in the air .....

  4. Sniff, sniff . . . so there is! I'd love some soap owls.
    J x