Saturday 21 September 2013

Children are wonderful

I'm so enjoying my class.  There are some right characters and already I have laughed until I have cried (after the event - wouldn't hurt their feelings for the world).

Here's one.  As always, names are totally concealed.

Me to Sparky Little Boy (and rest of table):  How's it going?  Everyone OK?
SLB:  (somewhat abuptly and off-handedly)  Fine . . .
Me: (a bit on my professional high horse)  You mean 'fine, thank you, Mrs Clark'!
SLB:  Yup!!
Me:  (rapidly deflating)  er - oh, good!

This was the lad who came to me later and asked 'What are brains for, Mrs Clark?'  and after a simple explanation 'How do they work?'

What a star!!!  He will go far!


  1. I had a good chuckle at this and wow, what a question about how brains work! Could take you some time to answer that one ...
    It sounds lovely and I am sure you are in for a great year with them! :o)
    ...from another quietly addicted fan of you and your blog! :o)