Friday 6 September 2013


End of the first week is in sight!  One down, seven to go before half term!

What a baking hot day it was yesterday,  It was still foggy when I got to school but by nine the sun was shining brightly and it continued to do so with vigour all day.  I was on playground duty pm and I have to admit we hovered under the trees most of the time, venturing out occasionally to comfort, console or - er - remind about the rules!

I feel we've got there this week.  The children have quickly become responsive to my voice and are starting to use quieter voices indoors.  They seem interested in things and yesterday we all played a game in groups and they were great, even the unsupervised groups played well.  A super start and I'm thrilled.

At home things are messy.  I mean that literally, I'd be ashamed to have anyone round.  This weekend will start with a good, big clean up before I can start to feel comfortable.  It's not just the time, it's also the energy!

It's supposed to rain today.  That would be good for the ground but not so good for playtimes.  I've put in an order for clear intervals at those times but who knows?  I can't even see what it's like right now, except that it's cloudy, because we now have the street lights off between midnight and 5a.m.  It's not universally popular but I love it.  I love the dark, the lack of light pollution, the way we suddenly seem to have so many more stars in the sky at those times.  It's brilliant and I hope they don't go back on this decision.

Better get on with next week's planning, I suppose.  It needs doing and now's a very good time to do it!

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