Sunday 29 September 2013


. . . and here I am, up at stupid o'clock - again!  Two bad nights in a row is not a good idea, especially with guests.  I must try to get a bit more sleep as we're off to Hyde Hall today and then I have a dinner to cook.  No opportunities for a wee nap there, sadly.
The gardens at Hyde Hall, borrowed from Google Images.

Yesterday was grand.  We went out to the Hare for a meal and, as always, ate very well indeed.  I still usually have the small plate option and they have now expanded their range which is good.  I had sorbet for dessert and they had apple sorbet which was very, very good indeed.  I need to find a recipe!

As expected, I did go onto the Jam Jar Shop and indulged in some more jars, a larger box of them this time.  When giving my produce as gifts, the cost has to be included but sometimes I get a jar and lid back again, which is great.  If I use the produce at home I don't really count the cost because I always wash the jars and lids and reuse.  I have blackberries waiting, and some apples too, but I think the apples will go into a fruit crumble for dinner tonight with some plums and a few of the blackberries.

One good thing about waking early is that I can get things in the oven in good time.  I got a full turkey leg out of the freezer yesterday and it has been slowly thawing overnight.  It's just gone into the oven on a bed of onion and carrot with stock, white wine and seasonings, to slow roast for several hours.  Once it's done, I will strip the meat off and boil up the remains.  Some of the meat is to make a turkey and mushroom pie for this evening's dinner.  I still have the packet shorcrust pastry that I got last weekend in case the home made variety didn't work out, so I will use that to save me some time.  With it I will have fried potatoes, carrots and runners (both from the garden) and maybe some courgette too.  With the crumble for dessert, it should make a nice enough meal.

Back off to bed now, to see if I can snatch another hour or sleep.  Here's hoping!


  1. Hope you manage to get a bit of shut eye I do know how horrid it is to wake so early. Food sounds great and as you say it does have some advantages when it comes to getting things cooked in time.

  2. Yes, thanks, I got another hour of proper sleep plus a bit of dozing and the house is smelling delightfully turkey-ish. I hope it tastes as good as it smells!
    I could do with some more sleep but |'m not going to even try now. It'll be fine.
    J x