Tuesday 24 September 2013


TM31 with some accessories_reduced
Borrowed from Google
Yesterday, one of my lovely readers commented on my Thermione - my Thermomix - saying that she seems to be in almost constant use.

I haven't been paid for this, in fact I doubt any of the 'powers that be' will ever read this commendation, but it's a fact that I don't regret any of the (pretty substantial amount of) money I spent on my Thermomix, named Thermione by me because, like Hermione, she does just about everything superbly well.  And if you don't know what I mean, read the Harry Potter books!!

I first heard about the Thermomix on my blog-friend Diane's blog when a friend of hers mentioned it.  Diane bought one fairly quickly and, as I respect Diane's opinion, I did some research.

I have to say, a Thermomix is horrifyingly expensive.  I could never have justified it had not a very beloved aunty left me an amount of money in her will (bless you, dear auntie) which made it possible.  Even then I spent months weighing the pros and cons of such a significant investment.

In the end I decided to spoil myself in the hopes that I would not be disappointed.  Since then I have handed on my food processor to my daughter, otherwise disposed of sundry other kitchen gadgets (althought I keep firm hold of my Bamix zizzer) and am seriously considering the future of my Panasonic Breadmaker (and I never thought I would say that) as it is just not earning its space any more.

In short, as said above, it (she) is one of the best kitchen investments I have ever made, standing alongside my rangemaster cooker in significance.  I longed for a range cooker for decades before the generosity of my beloved parents made it possible.  Thermione matches that in importance.

I cam make no higher commendation and I know I am very, very lucky!

Just to add a lighter note to all this praise - I have a lovely big bag of plums and some more blackberries promised.  Can life hold greater delight?  (seriously - as I take great pleasure in the small things).  Thank you M-A and K.


  1. Joy, I will second your recommendation of the thermomix. Despite the huge price tag it certainly earns it keep in my kitchen and frankly I think it has more horsepower than Mikes new car. I too have got rid of assorted other kitchen gadgetry including my bread machine.

  2. Thanks, Diane. I agree with everything you say there. :-)
    J x