Thursday 5 September 2013


I was right - the mist cleared to give us another wonderfully warm and sunny day, albeit with a chillier evening.  The children came in happy and left happy. So did I!  It'll break soon enough (the weather, not the happy), but for now I'm living in the present and enjoying it all.

Two days back at school and I'm back to early bed and early rise again. It does give me an opportunity to get my work sorted in an un-tired frame of mind in the early morning and it suits me down to the ground but it was nice to go to bed a bit later and wake up a bit later in the holiday.  It all seems a long time ago now.

Yesterday I had a full day, more or less, with my new class and we're getting there.  I did have an hour out for my performance management meeting with the head but that went OK and my new targets suit me and are manageable.   I'm not leading PM for my team this year as it's a new system (yet again) and S and N want to get their collective SM head around it all, understandably.  That's one thing off my workload anyway!

Eddie came round last night and whisked off my computer, muttering things about the motherboard, whatever that may be.  He didn't seem too concerned and I won't have lost anything anyway, seeing as everything is backed up to an external hard drive each morning.  He confirmed that I can connect this hard drive thingy to my laptop and access what's on there which is a big relief as last year's planning is all there and I need it!

Today is another full day with my class.  This new timetable is so much better for me and I'm thankful for it.  So it's Word Workshop, literacy, maths, PE, theme and some singing. A nice day.

I hope yours is too.

An almost 180% panorama at Streele Farm.  (I need to take some more photos!)


  1. Sounds busy, but lovely, too - so glad things are going well and that you are pleased with the new timetable.
    If it is the motherboard with your PC then that could be expensive, I fear - here's hoping very much it isn't that!
    Yes, we use an external hard drive and just connect it up to whichever laptop or netbook we're using - works a treat. So glad you have everything backed up.
    Lovely photo of Streele Farm - such a beautiful place! :o)
    Have a super day!

  2. Well, if it is I will have to consider whether to get a new one or not. Eddie is good at sorting problems like this out, bless him.
    J x