Saturday 14 September 2013


After managing to stay awake until past nine yesterday (just) I found myself wide awake again at just after four.  Better than around two, that's for sure.

So I've strung and sliced the beans I picked yesterday, put on some washing and will be roasting another lot of tomatoes because there's so many and I will never manage to eat them before the next load gets picked.
It's been a glorious year for tomatoes after such a late start but in this current damp weather it wouldn't surprise me if they suddenly got totally blightificated! There's been a number of high risk periods over the last week or so.  It will either be that or an early frost!

It was such a wet day yesterday although the children did manage to get some (damp) fresh air.  It was a bit like the hokey cokey at times - in, out, in, out - but we managed!  And I had to smile (inwardly) when little D came up to me in great distress because he'd looked EVERYWHERE for his new school jumper and couldn't find it ANYWHERE!  He soon cheered up when I pointed out that he was wearing it!  At least he didn't then complain that someone must have 'put it there', as another little lad did years ago.  That one still makes me chuckle.

I've just peered out into the dark (and it is extremely dark as they turn out the street lights between midnight and 5 am) and it is wet, windy and yucky.  We're forecast to have some very bad weather over this weekend, which is a shame.  Where's our Indian Summer?


  1. I know just what you mean I have been putting the washing off all week in the hope of some nice drying weather but I think it will just have to be done. I too am inundated with tomatoes and though we are eating as many as we can I will have to make some into pasata I think.

  2. It's a great way to use them up, I think.
    J x

  3. Didn't roast them in the end. I followed your good example and passata-ed them!

  4. Amazing how many tomatoes you have been able to harvest and hopefully the sun will be back soon so you will get some more.
    Did chuckle about D and his school jumper! Lovely! :o)
    As far as an Indian summer is concerned, I think we have had such a long, hot summer that we may well not get one....for my part, I am hoping it will remain cooler with sun inbetween, if you see what I mean. I am incredibly thankful though that it is Autumn or will very soon be. I love it when the leaves on the trees change colour! :o)
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  5. Here it hasn't really been a long hot summer though. We had a hot three weeks or so in July and August was lovely but not overly hot. Spring and summer were late in starting and seem to be early in finishing too.
    Well, we shall see - there's nothing we can do about it, is there?
    J x