Saturday 19 May 2012

Saturday later on

I thought I was having a couple of friends to stay last week but it got put back to this coming week because of me feeling unwell.  As I had bought some turkey mince for dinners (very versatile, turkey mince is), I decided to casserole it all up with vegetables, lentils and chopped tomatoes, with herbs from the garden (yay) and other stuff.  It's now in a slow oven smelling rather good.
I had intended to make meatballs and a sort of doner kebab thing as well as a lasagne mix, but I don't have the energy right now and it has to be cooked.  Never mind, there's a lot that one can do with a tasty savoury mince mixture - cottage pie, lasagne, cannelloni, a pizza topping, pie, on its own over rice or mixed with pasta and topped with grated cheese . . . oh, the list is endless.  Oh, and for school lunches, to be heated up in the microwave too.  So I don't think my friends and I will go hungry in the slightest.  :0)))  And given that it will be in the freezer, once cooked, if by any chance they don't come there will be no waste either.  Excellent.

Later on:
I'm pleased.  Out of two packs of turkey mince and assorted fridge and store cupboard ingredients including tinned stuff I have . . .

One lasagne, big enough for four, so if the three of us don't scoff it all, I can have some for lunch the next day

One savoury crumble (the one at the back) ready to be frozen for our second meal together, another savoury crumble for Sunday lunch tomorrow when DD and DG come round, plus two vegetarian single portion (large portion) savoury crumbles.

And a pot of each kind of base mixture for whatever else.  I will think about what to do with that - there's more there than it looks.  The turkey mince mix is three very good portions, one of which I am having tonight and the vegetarian mix (the uncovered one) is two plus portions.

How's that for frugal!!!

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