Thursday 24 May 2012

Thursday morning

Up to my eyeballs in stuff but it's nice to take some time out and come in here to blog.  Hasn't the weather been gorgeous recently.  All summery and the children are so happy.  They keep saying 'don't we have to wear our coats, and when I say 'It's up to you' the look of glee makes me laugh.  They're a very smiley class and we do have a lot of chuckles through the day.

So - today is here (what a silly thing to write!!!) and it promises to be another warm and sunny experience.  I have unaided writing, a maths test and then maths with my class (the maths test is not class based).  I do enjoy teaching maths at Y1 level - simple concepts, skills and knowledge but so important to get right and so challenging to find ways around misconceptions.  One of the hardest is money.  They don't handle small coins nowadays.  When my two were little they had their 10p and trundled along to the village shop to spend it on little sweets (often unwrapped, shock horror) adding up their pemnies and two pennies worths until they had spent their 10p.  A particular challenge was working out whether it was actually worth spending a bit more on a roll of sweets or a chewy stick or whether they got more value out of the penny sweets.  There was never any problem with adding small amounts and working out change.  You couldn't get anything past them!  But now - well, they just can't do that and anyway, what can you get for a penny nowadays?  Guess what we're doing today.  Spending small amounts and working out change.  Oh my!!!  Wish me luck!

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