Wednesday 2 May 2012


Well, it did rain a lot yesterday but, by playtime, the rain had virtually ceased so we all piled out to play and splash in th . . . er - I mean avoid the puddles!  By lunchtime the skies were clearing and in the afternoon it was sunny.  No indoor playtimes, thank goodness.  :0)

We got our tree skeletons finished!  Today will be gloriously messy: finger printing the blossom is guaranteed to need painting overall protection.  With any luck they will all get it finished too!

And we're off into the ICT suite to explore a simulation, that being what we are supposed to be doing this term.  Thank goodness there's a pause button they can use while they take their screen shots.

First of all it is PPA though.  Seeing as the maths has been done for two weeks, we will have time to sort out other stuff and maybe even to get across the road to Morrisons to get what we need for bean planting.  Yes, gentle reader, it is that time of year again, when the beans take over the asyl - classroom and life revolves around the length of ones root or whether ones bean has gone mouldy!  Such jolly good fun, it is!
More birthday flower!

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