Wednesday 30 May 2012


Dear children of XXXX Bay,
I am getting tired of the Union Flag.  I would like a different one.  It needs to be red, white and blue but not too much white, please.  I would like you to design a new flag for me.
Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II

Not having ever received a letter from her majesty, I have no idea whether she signs her letters like that; I strongly suspect not, but the children liked it!  I think one could describe their efforts as 'varied'.  There were a few I was not convinced about - I doubt the Olympic team would be too thrilled to have hearts, crosses and flowers on their kit, for example, and I doubt the one that looked as if her majesty was sitting on the loo (it was meant to be her throne I was told, indignantly) would go down a bundle with the armed forces but they all had a jolly good go and enjoyed the activity no end.  And they will make a bright, colourful and easy-to-put-up display!

And today is PPA and then more of the same.  It's ICT today, Dazzle, and I think I will, for once, give them a choice of drawing a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk, a royal portrait or a flag.  That should keep them happy and occupied.

Ivy on the fence!

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